Sandbar aims to improve the health of the global financial system

Minimize the risk of your products being used for illicit purposes.

An estimated $6-Trillion is laundered every year and less than 1% of it is caught. This is not okay. Doing better helps cut off funding for terrorists, fraudsters, human traffickers, and more.

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Our Product

Build better software

To help our partners achieve their missions, Sandbar provides AML software that monitors activity in a more surgical, supportive, and impactful manner. By monitoring customer activity after they onboard, Sandbar can accurately identify risk and reduce extraneous work and regulatory scrutiny.

Sandbar offloads much of the AML lift by making sense of data to provide our clients with clearer signals. This allows clients to focus on building their business and grow with confidence. By building a product that best serves our clients, we can make progress towards catching more criminals, and carrying out our mission.


First-hand experience

Our founders' backgrounds gives us the experience we need to accomplish our goals. Spending time working the largest financial criminal cases in the world, building B2B software, and helping grow a small fintech has prepared us for this challenge.

We have seen first hand the poor state of transaction monitoring in the industry. For every alert that yielded a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) there were often more than 100 that were false positives. Below-the-line testing often yielded SARs, which indicates that the system was missing out on criminal activity.

It is out of this experience that the idea for Sandbar was born. By pairing our unique expertise and industry leading technology, we can provide the best AML software, furthering our goal of building a more fair and equitable financial system for everyone.

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