Criminals adopt new technology quickly.

They use it to fund illegal activity like human trafficking, war and more. This problem is much bigger than us all.

The Team

We're a collaborative team based in NYC and focused on delivering world class software for our clients.

Our CEO was an early employee at Brigit, where he joined as the first operations hire, helping the company grow and manage finances. He was integral in closing their $25M series A led by Lightspeed.

Our CCO spent more than 7 years at J.P. Morgan where he worked on the highest profile and most complex money laundering cases around the world. This included helping the Transaction Monitoring team.

Our CTO spent the last 7 years building enterprise software at Addepar and Netflix, building systems that process a high volume of data rapidly, while performing complex manipulations on that data.

More needles, less hay.

Together, we can stop bad actors from manipulating the system for illicit activity.

The Mission

We saw first hand the poor state of transaction monitoring in the financial industry. For every investigation that yielded an actionable report, there were often times more than 100 that were false positives. Further, some cases which were chosen as out of sample tests, yielded actionable alerts indicating that a lot of real bad actors were slipping through the cracks, even after passing KYC checks at onboarding.

After spending thousands of hours working in a poor system backed by sub-par technology, with rules that were too blunt to be effective, the idea for Sandbar was born. Risk teams deserve better.

At Sandbar, our goal is to build a new anti-money-laundering platform. One that yields fewer false positives, and far fewer false negatives. Because we believe that by pairing our investigative expertise and unique understanding for money laundering with state of the art technology, we can do it.

The Product

Sandbar can securely, consistently and repeatably identify suspicious activity with greater accuracy.

We ingest millions of messy data points from our clients. Once the data has been standardized and ingested, we run a complex suite of proprietary algorithms designed specifically to detect suspicious activity. This automated monitoring can provide risk teams with actionable alerts, providing context for each and empowering users by putting necessary information at their fingertips. By providing information accessibility, building intuitive workflows, allowing for custom processing, and carefully curating and cleaning our client's data, we can dramatically reduce the effort and costs associated with developing and maintaining our client's AML programs.


Built from the ground up with the security of your data in mind, Sandbar is implemented using world class security practices.


A fullly bi-temporal data structure allows us to recreate and report on the state of the software at any point in the past.


Our performant and dynamic rules allow us to find suspicious activity quickly and with ease.


Our product moves beyond the traditional bounds of transaction monitoring, creating a compliance platform for the future.

Criminals adopt new technology quickly.

    Be prepared.
    Protect your brand.
    The right way.